photo (11)Chicago Girl is a Midwestern shutterbug with insatiable wanderlust and a penchant for
exploration. A Michigan-native, longtime Chicago resident, and Greek-American, she has
perpetually restless feet and an infectious love of food. An attorney by trade, Chicago Girl spends
her leisure time planning life around food and vacations. If not compulsively checking airfare and accommodations for an upcoming travel locale, Chicago Girl can be found scouring food blogs, restaurant reviews, and websites to unearth new dining and libation destinations in Chicago. Chicago Girl’s friends often marvel at her ability to locate the best spots and poke fun at her voracious vagabondage, and it was at a friend’s suggestion that she bring her passion to the blogosphere. Hence: Chicago Girl Travels was born.

Chicago Girl Travels is a travel and lifestyle blog that originated as a creative outlet from the mundane, 9-5 grind and is dedicated to spreading a passion for food, travel, and all things Chicago. The site focuses on both Chicago as well as journeys to places near and far and includes insider-tips; must-do lists; guidance on restaurants, bars, entertainment, recreation, the great outdoors, and more. Chicago Girl Travels simultaneously seeks to entertain, enlighten, and share experiences and a devotion to eating well and traveling often. Chicago Girl Travels hopes to inspire others to taste, sip, wander, and never stop exploring.

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